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Custom fine art

I work from photographs that either the client provides me, or photos that I take myself.  If using a client's photo, it should be of good quality and I need to be able to see the features  of the faces clearly.  After a photo is selected, colors that will be used in the painting, size, and composition will be discussed.  A portrait contract will be completed and notes taken on any special instructions given to me by the client.  A 50% deposit is due at this time. 

You will be notified when your portrait is completed, and delivery of the piece will be made once the final payment is received.  All artwork is shipped unframed and shipping fees are added when portraits are sent to a client.

Fees listed are a general pricing, however some change in pricing may be reflected by how much of the figure is shown, and the number of subjects in the portrait.

11 X 14------------$499

12 x 16-------------$649

14 x 18-------------$849

18 X 24_________$1,499

$200 per additional head within a portrait

Own a Beatle art print _______$45 plus shipping