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I am a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in Fine Arts. My work media includes watercolor, pen and ink and pastel.  My career includes graphic design for Florida Power and Light Company, the annual Joe DiMaggio Toys in the Sun Run, The Adam Walsh Foundation, and Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre.  I have also created lifelike automobile watercolors for a Mustang Dealership.
I love bringing joy to others by capturing the essence of my subject's personality in a forever keepsake for my clients when creating children's portraits, family portraits and pet portraits. A custom portrait has a quality that photography cannot duplicate.
Beatles music has always been a source of inspiration for me and I have often said that I feel their music through my fingertips when I paint. I started creating work for Beatlefan Magazine, in my teen years, and was discovered by Marc Catone when he viewed my Beatle art. He included my work in his book As I Write this Letter. My Beatle art prints were also featured through the former Beatlesartonline at Beatlefest, in New York and Chicago and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sponsored event Abbey Road on the River, in Cleveland. Look closely at my work and you will see my attention to detail that an avid Beatles fan is sure to notice. Everything is captured to it's finest element including the wear pattern on McCartney's Hofner bass  where his thumb wore a mark on the instrument from strumming.
My Beatles art prints are offered here as well as the opportunity to commission me to paint a custom portrait. Choose from watercolor portraits, pen and ink portraits, or pastel portraits.

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